Short Term Care
Magnolia Estates Nursing Home

Magnolia Estates can be your go-to for a quick recovery after an illness or injury. Our short term care programs begin with getting you back home in mind. Short Term Care at Magnolia Estates in Lafayette offers short-term rehabilitation with one goal in mind — getting you back on your feet.

Those who come to Magnolia for short term care run the gamut from injuries like a fall to surgeries, illness or stroke. Our trained staff of therapists can provide the ordered therapies from a doctor without ever leaving the facility. Our therapy room is equipped to meet the needs of residents at every ability level and our 24-nursing care insures our residents get the help they need day or night.

A Nurse Practitioner on hand is an added benefit of life at Magnolia along with a medical director — Dr. Charles Dugal. Our therapies include: speech, occupational, physical, IV and wound therapies and all are at the hands of a staff who take a holistic approach to care.

We know meeting residents’ needs means more than caring for their bodies. We take a full approach to care considering the emotional and mental health of those who come to live at Magnolia, whether their stay is short or long.

Give us a call today and learn how the staff at Magnolia Estates can work with you to get you back on your feet and home as soon as possible.

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"I like the activities. I like that they keep you busy, keep your mind going." - Eula Hanks, Resident