Long Term Care 
Magnolia Estates Nursing Home

Life begins at Magnolia Estates. Located in the heart of Lafayette, Magnolia is a well-appointed facility staffed with a qualified compassionate team ready to meet your long term needs.

We offer restorative care, dental care, vision care and psychiatric care among others, to ensure our residents at every stage are properly cared for at Magnolia. Our residents each enjoy the care of a medical director — Dr. Charles Dugal, as well as a full-time Nurse Practitioner, who is also on call 24/7.

Magnolia Estates means full time care. We have 24-hour nursing care and a holistic approach to patient care taking whatever measures to meet the needs of our patients physical and mental health. We know the whole person must be treated and the importance of communicating with family members. At Magnolia we work to engage and include the support system of our residents in their care and activities.

Activities at Magnolia Estates are scheduled with residents of different ability levels in mind. From Bingo and spiritual services to local outings and movie night, there’s never a shortage of things to do at Magnolia.

Long term care at Magnolia also includes IV and wound therapies for the residents who need it. And even the everyday tasks that can become a challenge as we age are part of the quality of care at Magnolia including medication management as well as three nutritious meals a day.

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"As a resident of Magnolia I am amazed at all the different activities and outings offered to us. The workers seem to really care about helping out." - Anonymous