Medical Services 
Magnolia Estates Nursing Home

When the right people and the latest equipment come together in the right place, the results are clear. At Magnolia Estates we employ a skilled staff of compassionate professionals who have the latest in technology to meet the needs of our residents.

Our Lafayette facility is second to none in medical services. It begins with our medical director — Dr. Charles Dugal — and includes a full-time Nurse Practitioner as well as Constant Care technology that allows for electronic charting and real time communication of vital signs.

Our digital charting allows the easy transfer of medical information securely to and from hospitals and medical providers. This electronic charting allows vital machines to send patient data directly to the chart, saving our staff time that can be spent caring for patients rather than doing paper work.

We have 24-hour nursing care available and we work with our therapists as well as your doctor to ensure each resident has a comprehensive plan to get them healthy and keep them healthy.

Some of our medical services include:

  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Medical Director
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Constant Care technology
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound Care

Combine our technology with a holistic approach to care and you have a facility that feels like home with the benefits of cutting edge medical care in your own home.

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"I would recommend anyone to Magnolia Estates. The CNA's are very cordial and polite, the nursing staff is good." - Arlean Picard, Resident