Magnolia Estates Nursing Home

Do they have their own room?

We have all private rooms.

Do you have in-house therapy?

Yes, we provide physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

How much assistance is given to each resident?

Assistance provided depends on the level of care needed by each individual.

How often can I leave the facility?

When residing in a Nursing Facility, we want residents to feel as though they are at home. In saying this, long term residents are free to go on pass with family and friends as they choose. However, Medicaid guidelines state that a person in a nursing facility cannot exceed fifteen 24-hour periods per calendar year away from the nursing facility.

Is family responsible for taking loved ones to doctor appointments?

No, transportation is provided to doctor appointments.

Is there a lockdown unit for Alzheimers's?

Yes. We have a 20-bed monitored lock down unit for our Alzheimer’s residents. Click here for a list of nursing facilities affiliated with CCI.

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"As a resident of Magnolia I am amazed at all the different activities and outings offered to us. The workers seem to really care about helping out." - Anonymous