Alzheimer's Unit 
Magnolia Estates Nursing Home

Alzheimer’s can be a dreaded diagnosis as we age. Join us at Magnolia Estates for the best in care for those facing a diagnoses of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Thanks to our relationship with UL, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has given our facility an assessment that resulting in a revamping of our Alzheimer’s Unit.

Several departments at the university remapped the unit to make it the most effective it can possibly be for each of our residents who face memory issues. The area was remapped to meet the highest standards in research into Alzheimer's nursing home care.

We know at Magnolia that Alzheimer’s patient safety is paramount. It also must be balanced with a sense of freedom to maintain the quality of life for residents at every stage of the disease. Our Alzheimer’s Unit offers that rare balance of security and treatment, of safety and freedom, to keep residents both happy and protected.

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"I like the activities. I like that they keep you busy, keep your mind going." - Eula Hanks, Resident